To innovate, to experiment, to research ...


It’s the intertwine of ideas, opportunities and dreams that makes things grow.

Innovating, experimenting and researching in order to find new products is fundamental for us. That’s why we created Ecoover Lab, an internal research workshop where architects, designers, artists and students shape their creativity.

To be lateral means to let new ideas grow in the same direction of the company commercial development. Thanks to Ecoover Lab concepts are defined with different solutions compared to the initial concepts.

Authentic passion, intuition, sensitiveness: the exploration process sometimes takes parallel paths, while it sometimes follows integrated paths, contributing to the cross-contamination of expression codes and materials, without following a given track but with the feeling that everything around us is a source of inspiration.

Ecoover Lab is not just a network of people but is also the heart from which we promote a sustainable development. Taking part to a workshop is a form of professional refreshing and the best way to discover a new way of working.

If we think at the company in the future, we see a lot of work: we intend to open a further space dedicated to events, exhibitions, meetings between professionals and customers, promotion of new products. We dream about a dimension where the internal relations, the relations between the company and the customer are more fluid and open.

This is what we are, this is how we work: increasing the quality of our work and our service, combining profit with the pure pleasure of experimenting and innovating. These are the values which characterize our company and which make us look ahead to carry on and improve what we have done yesterday.

The workshop has been admitted
to the artisan artistic register,
obtaining the dedicated logo.
This achievement makes us proud of the
work we have carried out until now
and is an added value for Ecoover®‘s products.

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